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The birth of the global bonfire

This saturday is set my foot on Manhattan first time ever. It wasn´t to climb the Empire State or browse around the MOMA but to join DIY DAYS, and what is DIY DAYS?  Well, is the gathering of a bunch of creators, mainly filmakers, around a series of talks, workshops and presentations. This free event, yes free!, its about how to make storytelling possible by letting your ideas grow and disseminate.  Co-creator Lance Weiler switched on and then came Frank Rose, Douglas Rushkoff, Ted Hope,  Molly Crabapple,  Brien Newman, Faris Yakob, Michael Margolis, Andeea Phillips, and many many more.

But on to my first DIY DAYS.

Although some talks and workshops ovelaped I got the chance to hear enough to get the picture of how technology its making things more exciting and complicated at the same time to content creators. Why is this? Until now the story you wanted to tell had more or less the same development, well everyone, its not going to be like that any more. Still you have to tell a good story. Still you have to raise the money to be able to tell it. Then, what´s new? The concept of time and space. You don´t have to be linear now on, you can fracture and diseminate your story. Building up your story by using the right mix of platforms for it you can enrich it. Other facts came in play like sharing it to a wider audience or making available certain bits to certain people. At the end is all about enganging people by letting them take part of it and making your story bigger. Of course you can still have your story told in a traditional time lapse but, doesn´t transmedia open up storytelling?

Like in any change there is bad news and this is you have to learn about  internet, social media and new thechnologies but the good thing is that, no matther where your audience is you can sit us all toghether around the bonfire again.


2 thoughts on “The birth of the global bonfire

    • Imagínate, aterrizas en NY un viernes y el sábado ya estás en un sarao de estos!!!! Fuera bromas, grandes lecciones sobre la cultura do it your self: si tienes una buena idea lo la dejas en un cajón. así funcionan las cosas aquí.


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